Beginning C++ Game Programming, 2nd Edition


Beginning C++ Game Programming, 2nd Edition The second edition of Beginning C++ Game Programming is updated and improved to include the latest features of Visual Studio 2019, SFML, and modern C++ programming techniques. With this book, you’ll get a fun introduction to game programming by building five fully playable games of increasing complexity. You’ll learn [...]

Hands-On Functional Programming with C++


Hands-On Functional Programming with C++, 1st Edition Functional programming enables you to divide your software into smaller, reusable components that are easy to write, debug, and maintain. Combined with the power of C++, you can develop scalable and functional applications for modern software requirements. This book will help you discover the functional features in [...]

Unity 2017 2D Game Development Projects


Unity 2017 2D Game Development Projects Build classic arcade, shooter and platform games with Unity 2D toolset Key Features Leverage the amazing new functionalities of the latest Unity 2017 2D toolkit. Learn to create 2D characters, animations, fast and efficient game play experiences while keeping your games very lightweight Create engaging games that [...]

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